I’ll drink to that – at least eight times a day

January 06, 2017

HOWEVER you said goodbye to 2016, one thing that always pops up is making a New Year’s resolution. 

Health and fitness are popular topics to make a goal around, yet by this time next year many people feel (or know) they haven’t achieved their goal. 

Here are some ideas to incorporate into your new year to improve your health:

1. Drink more water:

 Some find water boring to drink but it is vital for our health.

 Symptoms of mild dehydration are tiredness, weakness and headaches.

 Try for eight glasses each day.

2. Sleep more:

 Sleep allows our mind and body to rest.

 With a busy life sleep often gets pushed back.

 Lack of sleep causes mood disturbances and poor concentration.

3. Eat two pieces of fruit and five serves of vegetables a day:

 Eating enough fruit and vegies can help prevent some cancers, heart disease and weight gain.

 1 serve of veggies is half a cup raw or one cup of leafy greens.

4. Be active for 30 minutes each day: 

 Exercise not only helps to maintain weight but it reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and broken bones.

 It also helps your mood.

5. Spend time on your mental health:

 Managing stress and our mood is critical to a healthy lifestyle:

Happy New Year

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